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8. - 9. December 2018

Basic course: 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing & Awareness Training


295 € - 350€

A 5th Dimensional Quantum Healer is a person who has become a major channel (a conduit) of healing energy. He / She has found access to a subatomic field of energy that is already here and has become a major conduit of holding this energy field for others.

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is for everyone — it is tangible, accessible and it is easily reached by simply raising your vibration to a higher frequency…you can actually feel it within the first few moments! It’s a powerful hands-on healing that includes psychic surgery, shamanic healing, sound vibration and x-ray vision that activates our abilities to become a powerful healing channel.

In this high speed modality of healing, you will learn how to raise your vibration to a higher frequency in a matter of seconds. This enables you to become a much more effective healer equipped with advanced healing techniques far beyond your current capabilities. As a healer, when you are capable of raising your vibration to a higher frequency and remain there, anyone who is available to you is automatically being influenced and raises their vibration to a higher frequency as well. When vibrating in a higher frequency, a lot of information gets exchanged between the healer and the recipient. The recipient begins to change in their cellular memory in a matter of moments and new information will replace the old outdated dysfunctional patterns… and that’s how the healing takes place.

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing enables you to create healing on all levels: Spiritual Body / Mental Body / Emotional Body / Physical Body


  • Visually see and read the auric field
  • Feel and touch the auric field
  • Cleanse and restore the auric field


  • How to read information from the body through touch
  • How to sweep and cleanse the body from old cellular memories


  • How to pull out old information (bad energy)
  • How to send brand new information into the body in the form of energetic light waves (some call this hands-on healing)
  • How to replace old stagnant energy with new information from the energetic blueprint of the healed reality.


  • Introduction to the pineal gland
  • The importance of 3rd eye activation in enhancing your healing abilities
  • Strengthening your psychic powers and intuition
  • Receive a 3rd eye activation from Zarathustra

Special early bird price for € 295 limited to the first 20 people until November 1st.

For Booking: Please contact us via email info@frankfurter-ring.de
or tel: +4969 – 51 15 55

Further information:

  • What to bring to the basic course: Make yourself comfortable by bringing a yoga mat, pillow, warm clothes. For parts of the workshop you will be lying down on the floor so it is good to be comfortable and warm.
  • Please come also to the Introduction on donation basis: 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing
  • Please come also to the evening workshop: Shamanic Healing & Activation of the 3rd Eye

Private Sessions: Zarathustra would like to hear about the individuals concerns and what the person would like to achieve out of their session. Then he will do a reading by looking at the persons auric filed to see if the person aura is in tacked and what needs to be done. After that the healing session begins. At the end of the session Zarathustra will assess the individuals physical, spiritual and emotional bodies and provide him /her with the proper guidance and personalized solution for their needs.

Sat 08.12.2018, 09:30
Sun 09.12.2018, 17:00
295 € - 350€
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Hotel Höchster Hof
Mainberg 3
65929 Frankfurt-Höchst
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International bekannter spiritueller Lehrer und Heiler. Gründer von 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing & Awareness.

Seit über 25 Jahren befasst er sich mit östlichen und westlichen Meistern aus aller Welt.  Zarathustra erhielt eine Reihe von Einweihungen, die sich als seine “5th Dimensional Guides” identifizierten und ihm Fähigkeiten zur Durchführung von psychischen Operationen und das Röntgensehen gaben und seine rechte Hand in einen „Hochfrequenzsender“ verwandelten.

Zarathustra’s Ziel ist es, uns mit unserer eigentlichen Essenz zu verbinden und unser Bewusstsein für die 5. Dimension zu öffnen.


Hotel Höchster Hof
Mainberg 3
65929 Frankfurt-Höchst
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