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Sergio Magaña Das Geheimnis der Tolteken

18. - 21. May 2018

Workshop: The Secret of the Toltecs

Sergio Magaña


Obsidian Mirror – Underworlds and Heavens

The wisdom keepers of ancient Mexico used obsidian mirrors as instruments of magic. By looking into a mirror, sorcerers travelled to the worlds of gods and ancestors. The obsidian mirror was one of the most sacred objects of the supreme Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, whose name means “smoking mirror.” Most effective way of clearing energetic blocks of our underworlds, (shadow) & working with the two essential powers of the tradition, Tezcatlipocas.

In this workshop we discover an ancient Tol-Mexica technique which allows us to go deep into our ‘unconscious’ to transform & remove hidden, repetitive patterns that prevent us from expressing our full potential.

Using a combined process of rituals, powerful breathing techniques, meditative states and visualizations, we learn how to use the Obsidian Mirror (Tezcatlipoca) – the most powerful, sacred object used in the Toltec-Aztec tradition, as a portal to the unconscious mind.

We learn to use this powerful tool to work directly where creation begins, in your inner underworlds. We clean the 8 destructive forces of our unconscious – aspects of our underworlds, to get our energy trapped in our underworlds back and become whole again. The Obsidian Mirror practice helps us access deep levels of the unconscious, to awaken inner wisdom, open our vision, remove harmful repetitive patterns and stop resistance to change.


The Art of Dreaming

The Ancient Nahuatl peoples said that if you want to consciously create or manifest anything in your life, the Earth must ‘dream it’ first. Sergio Magana is trained in the Tol lineage (Nahualism) of ‘dreaming knowledge’ that has been passed in oral tradition without interruption from Master to student for over 1,460 years. Learn to manifest your reality by connecting with your Nahual (sleeping aspect) and navigating your dreams. Sergio is one of the few spokespersons asked to share this ancient and wisdom with the world.
You will learn how to:

• Dream to create the reality you want, connecting your ‘nahual’ (sleeping aspect) for manifestation in the ‘tonal’ (awake aspect) of self
• Evoke a state of ‘ensoñacion’ for lucid dreaming & learn to navigate the map of the dreaming world
• Fall asleep according to the lineage practice, in a way that works.
• Use exercises to remember your dreams
• Recapitulate your awake state to give you enough energy for lucid dreaming
• Transform ‘heavy’ dreams and refocus them for positive manifestation
• Find the sacred place for the planting of dreams
• Interpret what the Aztec Codex says about dreams, their meaning and their prescription for your life
• Invite and recognize Ancestors and Wise Helpers into your dreams and benefit from their guidance and wisdom

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The two workshops can also be booked separately – 2 days for 285 / 265 Euro:
Part 1 Fri/Sat “Obsidian Mirror – Underworlds and Heavens” (Part 2, open also for new people)
or Part 2 Sun/Mon “The Art of Dreaming”.


Fri 18.05.2018, 10:00
Mon 21.05.2018, 17:00
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Finkenhofstraße 17
60322 Frankfurt am Main
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Sergio Magaña

Sergio Magaña

Renowned Mexican healer and author reveals the fascinating healing and rejuvenation techniques of the ancient Mexicans.

He is a respected healer and practitioner of the Toltec or Toltecayotl lineage of Mesoamerica. Sergio is also trained in nahualism, dream knowledge, a tradition that has been passed from master to student for more than 1.400 years.

He is founder of Centro Energético Integral, and author of 2012: the Dawn of the Sixth Sun, The Toltec Secret, and Caves of Power.

Sergio travels extensively and has a community of over 60,000 students in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Finkenhofstraße 17
60322 Frankfurt am Main
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