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Mikel Lizzeralde Trance Channeling

31. May 2018

Workshop: Guides & Angels – Nicht relevant)

Mikel Lizarralde

€245 – €260 Book now!

Establishing a relationship with your personal guides and angels

We are surrounded by a team of guides and helpers that accompany us on earth: an entourage of Angels and Guides.You do not have only one guide, you can have several guides, sometimes even hundreds. How many guides do you have? Guides and Angels are they the same? Can the guides take different forms? Do you need to believe in a specific religion to have angels by myside? How to retain that connection and stablish a long lasting relationship? These are some of the questions we will address.

In this workshop you will learn about the main different types of guides: the Joy guide, the Gatekeeper, the Wisdom Guide, Family guides, etc. You will learn who they are, what do they do and how to connect with them. We are aiming to not only get to know them, but also to learn how to stablish a relationship with them. Like in any other relationship, we need to get to know one another, be patient as the relationship matures and stablish a two way communication as the relationship evolves.

Finding out your main guide, relating to them and giving specific tools to communicate with them. Meditation is important and we will be doing specific ones to aim this connection as we educate ourselves on different techniques to communicate.

Please note that specific meditations and exercises will be provided, but each participant has to find their own way of communicating. There will be assessment and guidance from the teacher Mikel Lizarralde.

Thu 31.05.2018
10:00 - 17:00
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€245 – €260
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Mikel Lizarralde

Mikel Lizarralde

Spanish-born Proof-of-Survival medium. This means that he can actually look into the Spirit world and retrieve valuable, clear and precise information. He has been able to do that since he was little to his parent´s astonishment. He is also an Interfaith minister, (opened the first and so far the only Spiritualist Church in all of Spain) and has a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy in Therapeutic Counseling by the Open University of Sri Lanka. He is also currently studying a Bachelor´s degree in Psychology in his home country of Spain to get his credentials recognized by the state. He is considered the leading medium in Spain, and travels the world teaching and lecturing. Being a natural intuitive, his life really changed when he was given the opportunity to travel to Montreal, QC (Canada) in 2003, to train at the SSF (Spiritualist Science Fellowship) for two and a half years, where he got really acquainted with his gift. When he returned to Spain, he started regularly attending the Arthur Findlay College and other places for formal training for a period of one year. Since then, the media has not stopped calling him and he has been teaching all over.

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