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Bosak, Tania

Senior-TaKeTiNa-Rhythm-Teacher in Master training, Musician, Composer, Actress.
Tania Bosak studied Dance and Performing Arts in Australia, where she has been living and working as a professional musician and music educator since 1991. She holds the Ericksonian Diploma in counselling and hypnosis (CET Australia) and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship for studies in Korean drum and dance.

Tania is the founder and director of „Pulse Rhythm“, a specialized training method for actors and musicians. She teaches Rhythm and TaKeTiNa and works with as live composer and rhythm specialist. Tania will assist and co-lead trainings and workshops together with Reinhard Flatischler in Europe 2015 and will also be researching the clinical applications of TaKeTiNa.

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