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Dr. Bradley Nelson - Der Body Code

29. April 2020

Lecture: Emotion Code & Body Code

Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of the Emotion Code provides groundbreaking, valuable knowledge how to harmonize our

body and energy body for greater health and well-being using the latest technology and experience from over 20 years of practical work.


The Emotion Code is part of the Body Code. The system is based on the same working method, but goes far beyond it.


A multitude of live demonstrations are await you during this evening program.


Further information

Language: English with consecutive translation into German

Co-Trainer & Translation: Dr. med. Susanne Hufnagel



About Dr. Bradley Nelson:

(by friends and patients referred to as “Dr. Brad”)

Author, chriopracticer and teacher, who became world wide known by his movie “emotion”. He is working as a medical-intuitive consultant and energy-healer. His mission is to teach people how to heal themselves by keeping their own energetic and physical balanance.

Datum und Uhrzeit:
Mi 29.04.2020, 19:30 Uhr
20€ - 24€
Haus der Jugend
Deutschherrnufer 12
60594 Frankfurt - Sachsenhausen
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Workshop: The Body Code – Activate Your Self-Healing Power


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Join us for The Body Code workshop and discover the revolutionary energy balancing system that teaches you to restore total health.
In our groundbreaking three-day event, Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team will help you master the healing power of The Body Code, freeing you to uncover the root causes of pain, sickness, and suffering in the body and mind — and release those imbalances on the spot.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Release emotional, mental, and offensive energies from the body and mind.
  • Correct physical imbalances, misalignments, and deficiencies.
  • Clear your body of toxins and pathogens like viruses, heavy metals, and infections.
  • Integrate and balance systems, organs, energies, and other areas of the body.


But that’s not all — The Body Code is your key to healing the personal problems that plague modern society. In The Body Code Seminar, you’ll discover how to:

  • Alleviate pain and heal physical and emotional ailments like anxiety, depression, illness, disease, and more.
  • Heal decades-old emotional wounds in an instant without re-living trauma or suffering.
  • Restore peace and love to strained relationships and feel more emotionally connected to your loved ones.


You’ll discover:

  • The body’s unlimited healing potential and ability to heal itself when conditions are right.
  • The different types of energy imbalances that can occur in the body, and how they affect your health and well-being.
  • The revolutionary Mind Map system contained in The Body Code and how it can be used to uncover the cause of any imbalance.
  • How to access the Subconscious Mind using muscle testing to find the information you need.
  • How to test the body for specific needs and find factors and causes of malfunction, pain, disease, emotional trauma, mental issues, and more.
  • The path to a successful healing career as a Certified Body Code Practitioner.


Once you’ve learned and begun to master The Body Code 2.0 system, we’ll teach you how to heal some of the most pressing non-physical conditions.


After The Body Code Seminar you’ll be able to:

  • Shatter your money blocks – Unlock your potential for wealth and abundance by releasing the imbalances that cause money blocks and other limitations that cut off the energetic flow of money.
  • Strengthen your relationships and find true love – When you release the energy of past painful experiences related to love, relationships, and family ties, you’ll free your heart and open yourself up to receive true and lasting love of all kinds.
  • Pave the way for freedom and success – Unleash your creativity and attain your highest levels of success by freeing yourself of limiting beliefs and patterns of failure and self-sabotage that may be hiding in your body as energetic imbalances.
    And so much more.


Best of all, you’ll also get up close and personal with Dr. Brad, author of “The Emotion Code” and founder of The Body Code healing system — and you’ll get to meet and make lifelong connections with a community of burgeoning healers who are passionate about energy healing and improving the lives of those around them.

Most every kind of imbalance that can affect the human body is in The Body Code, and we would like to help you to learn how to find and remove every one of them, one by one.

The Body Code is the most direct and powerful way to ultimately restore health and happiness to your body. Working with this powerful healing system has helped thousands of people create a profound shift in their emotional and physical well-being. Attend The Body Code Seminar and watch your best possible health and happiness become your new reality.


Language: English with consecutive translation into German

Price: regular 595 € / members 565 € / repeaters 395  (We recommend to reserve your seat in advance!)



Datum und Uhrzeit:
Do 30.04.2020, 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Fr 01.05.2020, 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Sa 02.05.2020, 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
395€ - 595€
Haus der Jugend
Deutschherrnufer 12
60594 Frankfurt - Sachsenhausen
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Nelson Bradley - Energie-Heiler
Bradley Nelson

Bradley Nelson

Autor, Chiropraktiker und Lehrer, der durch den Film „Emotion“ weltweit bekannt wurde. Er arbeitet als medizinisch-intuitiver Berater und Energie-Heiler. Sein Leben widmet er der Mission, Menschen beizubringen, wie sie sich selbst heilen können, indem sie ihren Körper in eine energetische und physische Balance bringen.

Sprache: Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung


Event descriptions in English:
Lecture: The Power of Healing is in Your Hands

Workshop: The Body Code – Activate Your Self-Healing Power


  • Susanne Hufnagel - Der Emotionscode Der Emotionscode VAK

Das ganze Seminar ist ein Highlight - Habe für mich lebensverändernde Maßnahmen mitgenommen. Bin sicherer und viel stabiler geworden im psychologischen und im körperlichen Bereich, ebenso ist die Allergie fast vollständig verschwunden. Habe viele Referenten kennengelernt, Bradley Nelson ist mit allen Themen erfahren. Für mich der beste Referent. B.U.

Ich bin dankbar, dass ich trotz übermäßiger Arbeit doch zu diesem wunderbaren Seminar gefahren bin, da ich sehr viel Praktisches mitnehmen konnte. Mitgenommen habe ich, dass mehr möglich ist, als wir erahnen und dass ich endlich mit mir arbeite. Als ich am Bahnhof ankam und noch einmal schnell in den Drogeriemarkt wollte, musste ich sofort wieder heraus (so schnell habe ich noch nie einen Laden verlassen), weil ich plötzlich so viel riechen konnte. Der Geruchssinn war früher fast völlig weg. Ich empfehle die Teilnahme, weil man das, was man hier lernt unbedingt lernen sollte, wenn man die Schulmedizin satt hat. Christine Weidner


Haus der Jugend
Deutschherrnufer 12
60594 Frankfurt - Sachsenhausen
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