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Eco-hotel “Village Berendeevka”

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Набережная ул., 38А
649218 Kamlak
Russland / Russische Föderation / Altai Republic, Shebalinsky District

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Juli 2020

Yoga, Qigong and Vision Improvement in Altai (Russia)

Fedor Simonov Altai Retreat 800x400

Retreat mit
Fedor Simonov

8 days to relax, bright impress, to meet with yoga and to improve your vision! We'd like to invite you to feel the beautiful and magnificent atmosphere of Altai which is full of mystery! (Gold mountains" is the translation of the name Altai  from the Turkic languages.) There is everything for renewing and relaxing your…

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4. - 12. Juli 2020

Eco-hotel “Village Berendeevka”

1200€ - 1600€

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